Dr. Manner Book Excerpts

The American Food and Drug Administration issued a story about the death of an eleven month old girl, supposedly from cyanide poisoning due to her apparently swallowing her father’s Vitamin B17 tablets. Cancer specialist and B17 advocate Dr Harold Manner takes up the story:

‘…I was lecturing in Buffalo, New York and…After I had made some strong statements – a man stood up and said “Dr. Manner, how in the world can you make statements like that when the FDA is making these other statements?” I reiterated that the FDA statements were lies. ‘He said, “Look at this little girl in upstate New York, she took her father’s Laetrile tablets and died of cyanide poisoning.” Just then a little lady stood up: “Dr. Manner let me answer that question. I think I am entitled to because I am that little baby’s mother. That baby never touched her father’s Laetrile tablets. The doctor, knowing the father was on Laetrile, marked down “possible cyanide poisoning”. At the hospital they used a cyanide antidote and it was the antidote that killed the child. And yet that statement will continue to appear even though they know it is a lie.”